This Wastech materials recovery facility accepts reclaimable wood. We recycle wood waste and green waste by providing materials for various reuses, including the production of compost for landscaping. Wastech has been working with landscaping, forest product and agricultural companies for more than 10 years to divert organic material from disposal.

Accepted materials

Clean wood - #1 Grade - Dimensional lumber, pallets, wood panel products in limited quantities and other clean wood. We do not accept wood with paint, preservatives or surface treatment. We also do not accept furniture (i.e., couches, tables, dressers).

Clean wood - #2 Grade - Cedar (new/old), logs, sawdust, medium density panel board, forming wood without adhering concrete or aggregate, new or weathered clean wood, and disassembled cable reels without bolts or plates. We do not accept large stumps, plastic laminated material, vinyl surface covered materials, and wood with surface treatment, paint or preservatives.

Green waste - Clean yard waste such as lawn clippings, leaves, and small branches (less than 4 inches in diameter). No stumps, large branches (more than 4 inches in diameter), sod, rocks, root balls, garbage or dirt.

New Product - Through a program offered by the City, Coquitlam residents can now recycle Styrofoam™ for free at CCRF.

STYROFOAM™ - Foam blocks, electronics packing (foam sheets, blocks & film), clean foam food containers (clam shells, meat trays, plates), white insulation board off cuts.  We do not accept expanding foam caulking, dirty or contaminated foam, hard plastic #6, foam packing peanuts or packing noodles, or coloured foam.  *Please note that this service is for Coquitlam residents only and it is free of charge - proof of residency is required.  No commercial use allowed.

Disposal Fees

Load volumes, material grading and contamination levels are determined by the Wastech scales attendant.

Clean wood - #1 Grade: $42.00/tonne (including applicable taxes)
Clean Wood - #2 Grade: $52.50/tonne (including applicable taxes)
Green waste: $72/tonne* (including applicable taxes)

*The disposal fee for green waste at the construction recycling facility does not apply to Coquitlam residents (please be prepared to show proof of residency).

Loads contaminated with unacceptable waste (garbage, or other material as described above) are subject to additional fees.

  • less than 10% contamination: $140/t + applicable taxes
  • more than 10% contamination: $190/t + applicable taxes
  • more than 50% contamination: load will be redirected to the Coquitlam Transfer Station

If you have any questions about materials accepted at this location, please contact us (604-526-6570) prior to coming to the facility.