Cache Creek Landfill

Wastech owns and operates the Cache Creek Landfill, near the Village of Cache Creek (approximately 250 km from Vancouver). The Cache Creek Landfill is permitted to receive 500,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every year. In August 2009, the BC Ministry of Environment approved a seven-hectare annex to the landfill. The Annex adds two years of capacity to existing landfill, to the end of 2012.
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Continuous improvements for sustainability
Landfilling is a sound and flexible bridging strategy to zero waste in terms of environment and human health. The environmental protection features of the landfill include: location in a dry climate, soil and synthetic liners, cover layers, leachate pumping systems, landfill gas (LFG) collection and flaring system, and geological features that allow capture of the groundwater, if required.

Transportation-related emissions (GHGs and other pollutants resulting from diesel fuel engines) will soon be significantly reduced as Wastech converts its fleet of trucks from diesel to LNG.
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