Wastech operates four recycling and transfer stations in the Lower Mainland of BC.

The stations accept materials from residential, institutional (schools, hospitals, government, etc.), commercial (stores, offices, warehouses, etc.) and light industrial (not from a manufacturing process) sources including green waste (yard trimmings) and recycling. The Coquitlam station also provides a Salvation Army drop off location for reusable and clean household items.

Disposal rates and acceptable disposal/recycle items are set by Metro Vancouver. Payments can be made with cash, Interac, Visa and Mastercard. Taxes are not charged on these services. Please see the rates page for more information.

peak hours
Station traffic peak hours are between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. During this period, a minimum charge of $20 is applied to loads less than 140 kg. The best time to come to station is during non-peak hours. Early weekday mornings and stat holidays are least busy, and the Saturday prior to stat holiday is extremely busy.

Before bringing items to a station, please refer to the station’s web page (select from menu on the left) for hours of operation, banned material and disposal rates. The following materials should be separated prior to arriving at a station:

  • cardboard
  • plastics (#1,2,4,5), plastic film and bags
  • paper/magazines/books
  • newspaper
  • metal
  • propane tanks – (no small camping tanks)
  • lead acid (car) batteries
  • yardwaste
  • drywall
  • insulation double bagged
  • gently-used household items you wish to donate to Salvation Army (accepted only at Coquitlam location)

Once you are on location, the scale operators will provide you with directions to the recycling stations and waste dispoal facilities.